Rariteitenkabinet (paranoide) wrote,

Ik word tegenwoordig internationaal gelezen. Dat komt nou van al dat internet, met al z'n malle livejournals. Meewandelen met de progressie dan maar, ik stap over op Engels. Voor zo ver toereikend, want sommige dingen zijn mooier in het Nederlands.

And now, without further ado - toys of the Soviet era that I owned or wanted to own during my childhood days in the loving arms of the red menace. Like this one.

I had a ton of these.

We didn't have Lego, because Lego was for capitalist scum. Instead, we had hardcore metal with sharp edges. Tetanus not included. The assigned screws and bolts rarely fit, but it was still awesome.

This guy is designed not to fall down no matter how hard you push him. I have tried pretty hard as a kid but failed every time.

This inspired an early interest in film and clumsy looking hardware.


These were made from pure win.

I never owned or wanted to own this as a child, but I like the way it looks. I kind of want to own it now. So it still belongs here.

Tanks are made from metal, not plastic.

And my favourites - these lovely gameboy ripoffs. I think I still have one of those somewhere, because I remember playing with it on the train to the Netherlands. The main character in the game you see in the lower photo is a wolf who is desperately trying to catch some falling eggs. Oh, logic, how you taunt me! This particular wolf also smokes a lot. You don't see that in the game, but then again, I don't recall any eggs in the cartoon it was based on either, so I guess they're even.

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